Maggie Jackson's Independent Dental Hygiene Service


Maggie Jackson's Independent Dental Hygiene Service (MIDHS) is a group of hygienist-led dental practices, principally in the North West of England. We have many years' experience of working in specialist periodontal practices, both in Britain and abroad, and we now offer a service whereby dentists can refer their patients directly

to us for treatment of gum and bone problems.



Benefits to Dentists

For dentists, being able to refer a patient out to us is reassuring. The patient is in expert hands and will almost certainly be treated much sooner than would be the case if they had to wait for an appointment with the dentist nd/or the hygienist at that practice.


Read more if you are a dentist.



Benefits to Hygienists

For busy hygienists, having the dentist refer a patient to us relieves the strain on their work schedules.

Hygienists who would like to hone their skills are welcome to attend the MIDHS appointment with the patient

(with the patient's consent). This way, we can share best practice. Read more if you are a hygienist.



Benefits to Patients

For patients who need periodontal treatment urgently, MIDHS can almost always offer early appointments and will always offer calm, reassuring, expert care.


Read more if you are a patient.



The MIDHS Team

We are a team of dedicated dental hygienists who work very hard to contain periodontal disease and to improve our patients' oral hygiene


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Maggie Jackson
Kai King
Nina Ainsworth


We operate at several sites in the North West
(Mossley, Lancashire; Manchester and Cheadle, Cheshire)
and one in Essex. More will be opening soon!


The Mossley practice (Right) is our headquarters.


Also in this section, you can read about our standards (our commitment to you and who regulates us) and
what our fees are.


Maggie Jackson has also written several useful articles about dental hygiene and how to maintain it


We accept referrals for dental hygienist therapies but do not claim to be a specialist periodontal practice.

At no time will we operate beyond our entitlement, qualification or experience.