Obviously confidentiality is of the utmost importance but we have copies of all out ‘tributes’ on hand-they are real people who have said they welcome sharing their good news.


Client Case Studies


The Story of JH

The patient was a very pleasant man in his forties who needed a dental examination and any alternatives and suggestions for treatment.

Like many patients going to the dentist, particularly a new dentist he was little apprehensive. We spent time with him when booking his appointment and explained what we did at our private practice that was different from his past experiences which he said were a bit impersonal and rushed.


He was introduced to the dentist for an examination of teeth, gums and an oral cancer check of cheeks and tongue. All was clear and he needed very little in the way of dentist treatment- fillings etc, having brushed his teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste for years.


At this news he was visibly relieved. Very often at every check-up in the past patients express that their ‘expectation is to have something done’. We explained that we pride ourselves on preventative and minimal dental treatment.


A hygienist appointment was arranged with Maggie and oral hygiene methods were tailored to J and explained. All foreign deposits were removed from the teeth by gentle scaling. A review was booked to check the outcomes, and if all the recommended methods of home care were achievable by J and he had managed to improved his cleaning. J had done well and thanked Maggie for her help, personal guidance and a thorough professional polish then ‘made his teeth feel great, really smooth and clean’ he said.


J has been recommended to have 6/12 check-ups and maintenance of his oral hygiene appointments.



The Story BW

This lady came to see us at MIDHS because she had a dentist who had no hygienist facility. She thought she just needed a polish of her rather dull teeth.


We did remove all the deposits and noticed a few areas where her gums were bleeding. We polished the stains from her teeth as requested of course but first, as usual, we showed her how to control her early gum disease and gum bleeding.


She is thrilled with the improvement and comes in regularly and sings our praises to all her friends.



The Story

This lady came in to the Specialist Periodontist who had been asked to deal with a problem that the dentist could not control. She had a full set of nicely shaped, white, natural looking crowns (caps) and veneers on all her teeth that had been completed to improved the appearance of her teeth some years previously. The problem was that the gums had grown over the edge of the crowns and the gum was vivid red, soft, spongy and bleeding severely even when she ate soft foods. The reason was that the crown and veneer edges had irritated the gum. The patient did not know how to clean the restored margins and was very nervous about the fact that they were not only very sore gums but heavily bleeding gums. This lady was then referred on to me the hygienist, from the specialist who expected to do gum surgery to cut the swollen gum back. The direction was to ‘do what you can’ to help her clean so that this problem would not occur again after the gum surgery.


An additional factor confided in me by the patient was that the patient (unsurprisingly) did not want to have her gums cut at all. Could she try to save her teeth without this necessity? ‘There’s no way I can bear to have my gums cut’ she said. The specialist was happy for me to do what I could for the patient and he would review when I felt I had done all I could.


What we did

We started with soothing anaesthetic paste to gently remove all the irritating plaque we could with a very soft brush showing he patient that although the gums were bleeding a lot it soon stopped. Even the most effective mouthwash would not reach below the swollen gum to control the plaque growth there and would constantly stain and need stain removal.


I then sent her home with instructions to repeat this cleaning method I had shown her and to come back in a week for a review. At the review we were both encouraged by the improvement and after a few visits I introduced interdental brushes to clean between her teeth. These were small and soft as fortunately she had very little interdental bone damage for her age.


It took many weeks of short appointments for instruction, encouragement and review to get the patient’s method to the level she needed to clean around the crowns without soreness and bleeding. However, at last all the swollen gum has gone she has firm pink gums. Further, she has no bleeding gums at all and a stable gum condition with no need for gum surgery. It took belief and trust by the patient and gentle persuasion and patience by me to get her to this point but now everyone is pleased with the fantastic improvement. She comes in regularly for a review with me and the specialist who is happy not to have to do surgery on a highly nervous patient.



The Story

This patient rang our surgery as he was concerned that had not got round to having a dental check-up for some years. Like many patients he did not understanding that bleeding from the gums on brushing (although slight) was a sign of gum disease, until he saw a poster advertising a mouthwash, that claimed to treat gum disease. Even though he tried the mouthwash- which stained his teeth BROWN the bleeding on brushing did not entirely stop. He then found out that MIDHS had a Hygienist who worked for many years with a periodontal specialist in Manchester and a periodontal (specialist in gum disease) north of London and travelled regularly to help at these and other dental practices treating patients with gum diseases.


MIDHS reception explained that the dentist needed to see him first and it was confirmed that Maggie the practice owner and dental hygienist was the best person to help with his gum problem and the dentist would recommend seeing her. With her long, expert experience she would be able to help explain the causes of gum bleeding, methods and treatment to stop the bleeding, controlling the disease in the gums and bone. She would give personal, targeted advice and professional cleaning. The gum disease would be measured and when under control would then be monitored so that no disease reoccurred.


The dentist also recommended a filling to be replaced sometime as there was a crack in it that had not been noticed by the patient.


Maggie says

When I saw M I explained that although he had brushed his teeth as best he could I could show him how to improve on his brushing in a new way to remove the dental plaque that was causing the problem with his gums. When he had mastered this we would deep clean all his teeth to remove deep plaque from the most difficult areas to reach.

What we did


Special interdental brushes were shown to M. These interdental brushes were especially designed to clean where there gum disease and bleeding between the teeth. These Vision Perio brushes were of a unique design for eliminating periodontal disease and bleeding gums. There had even been research on this interdental brush at a university and this research that showed they were easier and better than dental floss in removing plaque and eliminating bleeding gums in patients with advanced gum disease.


M was also introduced to best electric tooth-brush for plaque removal and how he should use it in his particular problem gum areas.


By working with the patient rather than just ‘treating’ the gum disease M was now able to understand his bleeding gums and how he could control the gum disease and bone loss around his teeth himself. We then did an expert professional treatment knowing he could keep it up.


He has now controlled his bleeding, his gum disease and bone loss so his gum disease is in a stable state.



The Story

A delightful young man came in who had recently become engaged and wished to treat his halitosis (bad breath).I had him see the dentist to check his teeth, gums and an oral cancer check. All was well and he needed no fillings so was referred to me by the dentist.


What we did

I reassured him that his ‘bad breath’ was not severe but as worse in the morning was related to early morning before eating and brushing but also that cleaning his mouth more thoroughly and tongue cleaning would help.


We showed him the methods directed at his ‘difficult to clean places’ and suggested he try one of our tongue cleaners. On his return two weeks later he said that things had improved greatly and his ‘slight bleeding’ gum condition had completely gone. He had used interdental cleaning perfect for his minimal bone loss and purchased an electric toothbrush and would now like to have his teeth whitened before his wedding!


He was referred back to the dentist for his recommendation. He attends to see me every 3 months to preserve his motivation for cleaning his mouth and a simple ‘cosmetic’ tooth cleaning and the dentist may well recommend annual check=up as he has great teeth and gums now.