What Does a Dental Hygienist Cost?


The cost of treatment by the same hygienist will depend on where you wish to be seen. In our country practice a half hour drive from town the cost is less and there are no car parking charges.

Some hygienists are in general practice others have further training and qualifications and experience. Check the letters after names and what they mean.


A Dental Hygienist usually works for a dentist who decides on the time and fees charged to the patient. This might be from £28.00 or more usually up to £60.00 for a scale and polish.


We are an independent service and set our own fees. Even at MIDHS these fees can vary depending where you chose to be seen. Because of running costs Manchester or other town centres are more expensive from 50% to 100% more to see the same hygienist.


In our Mossley surgery at present you need a referral form signed by your dentist to be referred or see our dentist £15.00 for a check up. You don’t have to leave your own dentist for this. Mossley surgery is half hour from town with no car parking fees and late night opening as needed.


At Mossley, a hygiene assessment visit with a hygienist, who has experience with a top specialist for many years, starts at £20.00 for MIDHS patients and from £28.00 for a second visit. Non–surgical gum treatments and oral hygiene appointments are from £48.00 to £280.00 usually, for a non-surgical therapy including full mouth debridement.


A dentist sending a referral form might ask for a full mouth pocket assessment that may be from £68.00 to £98.00 depending on time allowed in Mossley. Treatment cost will depend on the assessment.


In town the 30 minute hygiene MIDHS assessment would be £98.00 for 30 minutes but if you are referred to the specialist periodontist for a consultation that would be £295.00. This would be followed by non-surgical therapy with the hygienist if needed and with a post treatment re-assessment in total in the region of £1,500.


For a full list of fees and where we practice phone or contact us at MIDHS. Hygienist gum treatments for Mossley are on our website.


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