For the most ‘difficult’ periodontal patients you now have the choice of referring to the most important member of the periodontal team. At MIDHS your patients will be seen by some of the most qualified and experienced dental Hygienists in the UK. All hold post graduate degrees or years of experience at specialist practices





We all recognise some patients who present for treatment will need more than a ‘scale & polish’ to stabilise their periodontal disease and return the tissues to health and preserve teeth for life. Despite many years dedicated to dentistry, it is not uncommon to feel that motivation for some patients is lacking and fails to rouse the positive response needed to control their worsening gum problems.


You may or may not already have a dental hygienist in the practice but, even if you have, if their time is fully committed, an alternative referral for some specific patients may be the best way forward.


Dentists are conscious that the dental hospitals are overburdened and have long waiting lists. The option of referral to a private periodontal specialist may therefore be the preferred route, but the cost of this is likely to be out of the financial reach of a number of patients.


Persistent inflammation due to inadequate oral hygiene.

Rapidly progressive periodontitis with bone loss and pocketing.

Resolution of inflammation, recession but firm tissues with no pockets. Much better oral hygiene.


Now You Have Another Option!

We at MIDHS are in a position to offer time, a sense of urgency, and skills to control much of the disease processes caused by plaque. The benefit will be a return to health and maintenance of healthy supporting tissues around the susceptible patient’s teeth.


MIDHS accepts referrals, on your prescription, for non-surgical periodontal treatment. Our service works hand in hand with your practice, allowing us to work directly with you to offer an alternative option to improve patient oral health. We even offer CPD in perio alongside for your hygienist if required.



Our Therapy

Therapy is provided by dental hygienist Maggie Jackson MPhil RDH Dip DHE FAETC and her team of hygienists, who have combined experience of some 50 years of working in specialist periodontal practices (CVs available).


MIDHS hygienists carry out your prescribed solutions to periodontal problems to complement the care already provided by your dental practice. Your prescription may include oral hygiene, motivation and guidance, periodontal charting, thorough debridement of tooth surfaces with root surface instrumentation in periodontal pockets (this may take one or several visits) as well as follow-up and re-charting after therapy.



Typical pocket and bleeding charting before and after non-surgical periodontal treatment


Because MIDHS works without a dentist or periodontal specialist in attendance, patients remain under your dental care and prescription. You prescribe the therapy needed, but we will be available to confer on treatment options.

At no time will we operate beyond our entitlement, qualification and experience.


To refer a patient to us, please use our printable dentist referral form.



Service for You and Your Patient

Written communication between dentist and MIDHS is ongoing. Your patient remains under your care throughout the therapy, at the end of which you receive copies of treatment records, charts and periodontal health status as well as the return of any X-Rays.


We can continue support in the form of maintenance reviews for your patient, at your discretion. Where periodontal diseases are advanced to the point where we feel we cannot help the patient further, we will of course advise you so you can refer on to a specialist or treat the patient accordingly.


We accept referrals for dental hygienist therapies but do not claim to be a specialist periodontal practice.

MIDHS have found that based on many years’ experience we can often motivate the patient and make improvements in their mouth and oral hygiene from their first visit.



MIDHS Appointment Types


New Patient Referral


Level 1: Appointment approx 20 minutes


  • Review of medical history
  • BPE
  • Oral health guidance
  • A full scale and a polish, if appropriate



Level 2: Long Appointment approx 45-60 minutes


  • Discussion about any symptoms and causes for concern
  • Review of medical history
  • Soft tissue check
  • Full periodontal charting of pockets, bleeding and mobility
  • Oral health guidance and initial sundry items
  • Initial non-surgical therapy


X-Rays can be arranged by us if requested or provided by you.


For their first appointment at MIDHS, please ask your patient to bring all existing implements they use to cleanse their mouth, i.e. toothbrush, dental floss etc (without buying new).




Here is a full list of MIDHS fees.



Referring a Patient to Us

To refer a patient to us, please either call us on 08456 777 007 or email us at

Alternatively, please use our printable dentist referral form.


NB: Our dentist referral form is in pdf format and to open it you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have not already got this installed on your computer, you can download it free - and completely safely by clicking this link.