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Q.Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

A. Bleeding gums occur most often because there..

.'why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?'


Q.Have you got an emergency dentist service?

A. Yes we have a dentist available on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings if you call...

'have you got an emergency dentist service?'


Q.How can I Improve my Oral health and Oral Hygiene?

A. The interest and overall standard of oral hygiene in our developed or industrial societies has improved dramatically over the last 20-30 years...'how can I improve my oral health and oral hygiene?'


Q.How can I prevent Bad Breath or Halitosis?

A. It is a common problem for one in four of all ages at different times. You may feel how can I cure bad breath when...'how can I prevent bad breath or halitosis?'


Q.Should I use a Private Dentist or an NHS Dentist?

A. In some areas it is difficult to find a NHS dentist. If you are not on a list or have not attended...

'should I use a private dentist or an NHS dentist?'


Q.What Does a Dental Hygienist Cost?

A. The cost of treatment by the same hygienist will depend on where you wish to be seen. In our country practice a half hour...'what does a dental hygienist cost?'


Q.What Does a Private Dentist Cost?

A. Some private dentists are general dentists others have further training and qualifications...

'what does a private dentist cost?'


Q.What is Gum Disease?

A. It is one of the most common dental diseases and is usually noticed because at the start the gums bleed...

'what is gum disease?'


Q.What is Root Canal Treatment and do I need it?

A. A root canal is actually the centre core of your tooth that in health contains a nerve and a blood vessel (a capillary) to supply...'what is root canal treatment and do I need it?'


Q.Should I have bleaching or laser whitening?

A. If you wish to have ‘Laser white teeth’ you need to know there..

.'should I have bleaching or laser whitening?'


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