For the most ‘difficult’ periodontal patients that you may not have the time for you now have a dedicated

periodontal team.


At MIDHS your patients will be seen by some of the most qualified and experienced Dental Hygienists in the UK.

All have years of experience at specialist practices. Let us help you and your patients.



A New Concept for Hygienists

An entirely new concept for you and your more challenging patients presenting degrees of periodontal disease that are ‘outside your comfort zone’. You may feel a new approach is required with one or two of the more intransigent cases. Some patients that present for treatment seem to be unable to grasp the oral hygiene practices required to alter their situation and need more than a ‘scale & polish’ every few months to stabilise their dental disease problems.


Many hygienists are booked up very far ahead with good ongoing maintenance for the majority of their patients - in fact your time may be fully committed.


A specialist periodontal practice may well be the option of choice, yet out of the financial reach of many patients. The NHS patient must be given the option of a referral to the Periodontal Department at a Dental Hospital but as most of these are overburdened, often with long waiting lists, the consultants ask that patients have reached a reasonable level of oral hygiene and stability before referral.



Now, for the first time, for those more challenging cases it is possible to refer to MIDHS (Maggie Jackson’s Independent Dental Hygiene Service).


Currently our expanding team of three hygienists have more than 50 years' combined experience in successful non-surgical periodontal treatments.


We offer a new service to your dentist’s prescription, to suit your patient with a more advanced condition requiring non-surgical treatment to improve their periodontal and general oral health.


The therapy is provided by dental hygienist Maggie Jackson and her team of hygienists (CVs available on request). We work independently, without a dentist or specialist on site, because that way the patient remains under your dentist’s care and prescription.


Furthermore, you are invited to attend with your referred patient if you wish, to observe and discuss how we achieve the results we are recognised for. We will take the opportunity to use this time for your CPD, with clear aims and outcomes evaluation and certification of attendance provided.


Our referral form can be printed from this website. This can be used by your practice, if your dentist wishes to prescribe the required therapy. Communication between dentist and MIDHS is ongoing, in writing, email and by fax (also by phone if desired). At the end of initial therapy your patient is asked to return to the referring practice. Copies of our records relating to the treatment, chartings and periodontal health status of your patient are sent to you and any X-Rays returned. Support in the form of maintenance reviews for your patient is only continued by us at your dentist’s discretion.