What Does a Private Dentist Cost?


Some private dentists are general dentists others have further training and qualifications and experience. Check the letters after names and what they mean.


A private Dentist may charge from nothing for a consultation to £150.00 or more.

Even at MIDHS these fees can vary depending where you chose to be seen.


Because of running costs Manchester or other town centres are more expensive from 50% to 100% more to see the same dentist. A regular dental cost for a dentist who is performing a simple check-up without X-rays the cost can be £15.00.


For a top dentist qualified and experienced in advanced restorations for improving your smile a consultation in our Mossley surgery half hour from town with no car parking fees and late nights would be £60.00 but in town with the same dentist about £150.00.


As a general guide crowns and bridgework are 1/3 less out of town using the same dentist, equipment and laboratories.


A hygiene assessment visit with a hygienist who has experience with a top specialist for many years starts at £20.00 for MIDHS patients and from £28.00 for a second visit if needed. Oral hygiene and Gum treatments are from £48.00 to £280.00 for a full mouth debridement. In town the same treatments might include a consultation with a specialist and be £1,500.


For a full list of fees and where we practice phone or contact us at MIDHS. Hygienist gum treatments for Mossley are on our website


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