Good news, it is not out of your reach! You can have a routine check-up for as little as £15.00. Or a full consultation with the most highly qualified and experienced restorative dentist for £75.00. It’s about choice and time.

We know we put so much into your visit when you experience MIDHS dental care you will not want to

go anywhere else..




Information for Patients

Private dentistry or private hygiene treatment for gum conditions allow a patient to have more control and choice on types of treatment and the benefit and advantages that the extra time, training and experience of the operator may be able to deliver. Because we are your choice and know you are always free to choose what, where and how you have treatment we try harder to make your visit to us a pleasant one and leave you smiling. Greater consideration can be made to appearance or replacing teeth that have unfortunately been lost and you may wish to change the appearance of your smile just a little or completely.


A tooth that is displeasing in appearance but otherwise healthy may only be rectified by private dentistry. This could involve different materials or a different technique in the hands of a dentist who has advanced aesthetic restorative experience. You only have only one set of adult teeth and you use them every day for one of life's pleasures enjoying food. Are you truly comfortable when you eat or do you avoid certain foods that are difficult to manage?


Consider also, how important is your appearance? Some people rely totally on how they dress and what they spend on their clothes the 'labels' they buy or their car but not on their smile and speaking clearly. Bone structure is important in the face which is better supported and younger looking if your natural teeth and supporting bone are retained. We have all seen people that are so self conscious of their teeth that they don't smile or even cover their face with their hand.


The NHS dentist it is required to do all that is clinically necessary to return your teeth to health. So if a treatment such as a repair to a tooth is reasonable both in time, function and likely to last a year it must be done.

A patient has a guarantee that if the repair fails the same kind of repair can be re-done without charge. If it is likely to fail continually an extraction of the tooth or a crown may be offered if a simple repair is not likely to be lasting. All treatment must be clinically necessary and likely to last a year at least but any advanced aesthetic considerations cannot be included in the treatment plan. Indeed, if the dentist feels that in their hands and experience a treatment may fail or involve additional cost not allowed in the health service fees the dentist can decline the treatment but may offer a referral to a dental hospital or offer a private alternative.



Your Input

Please bring all implements you use to cleanse your mouth. DO NOT BUY NEW.


After your initial consultation, you may be asked to attend further appointments at MIDHS.


At the end of therapy we will send copies of your records relating to your therapy to your dentist, who will assess the results and recommend any further treatment.