Good news, it is not out of your reach! You can have a routine check-up for as little as £15.00. Or a full consultation with the most highly qualified and experienced restorative dentist for £75.00. It’s about choice and time. We know we put so much into your visit when you experience MIDHS dental care you will not want to go anywhere else.



Private Dentistry

We are independent of the NHS but keep our fees low and affordable. MIDHS stands for Maggie Jackson Independent Dental and Hygiene Services.


But who is Maggie Jackson?


A Dental Hygienist well known in hygienist and dentistry circles who teaches and holds additional post graduate degrees: winner of a number of dental awards and practice principal at MIDHS. Dentists are invited to work at the practice to carry out essential restorative dentistry or dentists may refer their patients to her for her exceptional experience in preventing and treating gum diseases.



What do we mean by the 'Golden touch?'

Unchanging excellence, we aim for you to keep your teeth all your life, by renovating and restoring white sparkling teeth, good function and comfort your smile without imperfections.


Do you ever feel your dental appointments are rushed? Not at MIDHS we always allow at 20 minutes for a thorough examination.


Are you given time to discuss options with your dentist or hygienist? At MIDHS we explain your choices and respect your input and decisions, after all they are your teeth.



We pride ourselves on:-


  • Gentle Dentistry, Special care for nervous patients.
  • Minimalist dentistry that means fewer, smaller fillings and less drilling.
  • Restoring broken teeth and curing bleeding from the gums.
  • Prevention of tooth and gum diseases, less decay and gum recession in the future.
  • White, metal or gold fillings. You have options with our explanations make informed choices.
  • Reconstruction of your smile, tooth replacement or repair and safe tooth whitening.
  • Veneers, Crowns, Bridgework, Dentures, Implants and any essential, quick, pain-free extractions.
  • Emergency dentist on call.
  • MIDHS for Great teeth looked after by Good Gums.



Did you Know?


  • That a Dentist examination is a good investment in your Health?
  • That if you are distressed or unaware of bad breath it is often caused by tooth decay or gum bacteria that give off bad gasses?
  • That blood from your gums is a symptom of Gum (periodontal) disease?
  • Gum disease is linked to heart disease and so to heart attacks?
  • Gum disease is linked to low birth weight babies?
  • No mouthwash can eliminate these symptoms and early signs of gum disease?
  • Did you know the old fashioned name for filling is a ‘stopping’ that is they stop the decay from progressing?
  • Implants to replace lost teeth are rarely or never likely to be available on the NHS because they cost £2,000 - £3,000 each?
  • At MIDHS we check for mouth cancers and early signs of any suspicious changes?
  • Children from birth to 16 years can have a dental examination for only £5.00 and one child dental examination is free for each paying adult in the family?
  • At present, our dentist examination and one filling (NHS band 2) can be less than the NHS fee for a non-exempt patient?
  • At MIDHS we offer planned payment options?