If you have bleeding gums, splaying or tooth mobility are loosing teeth or stains, removed come and see MIDHS for an opinion. You can ask your own dentist to refer you or see our dentist for a £15.00 examination which includes your referral without leaving your own dentist or causing any embarrassment.



Information for Patients

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Smile with Confidence

In order to keep your teeth, all your tissues, gum, dental bone and teeth need to be healthy.


This sometimes may involve more than a ‘scale and polish’!

In such cases, when routine maintenance is

not being totally effective, this can be picked up at the ‘check-up’

by gently ‘probing’ the gums as well as checking the teeth.


Your dentist is the person qualified to prescribe a course of intensive

non-surgical treatment that they feel is likely to help your gum condition.


Working together with your dentist and you, we at MIDHS can

improve the health of your whole mouth, helping you to

keep your teeth and smile.



Keep Your Smile

We at MIDHS are a team of hygienists with combined experience of more than 50 years in ‘specialist gum practices’ and are devoted to carefully treating and refining the techniques used to help you achieve and keep your

teeth, gum and dental bone healthy for life.


Some people are particularly susceptible to gum and dental bone loss. The first sign is usually bleeding from your gums (gingivitis) when brushing your teeth or eating coarse foods, such as when biting into an apple. Sometimes you may notice blood on your pillow. Gingivitis can progress into ‘gum disease’ (periodontitis), where the fibres of your gum ligaments become broken or damaged and a pocket forms between your tooth and gum. If left to continue, this triggers a loss of dental bone support, which can - if left unchecked - cause you to have loosening teeth and gum abscesses



Help is at Hand

We cannot reverse bone loss but, with your cooperation, we can halt it and stabilise the health of your mouth by treating infection and encouraging healing, to help you to keep your teeth for life.


To see examples of what we can do for you, have a look at these pictures of patients' teeth before and after treatment.


We are legally required to have a referral from a dentist before proceeding with your treatment.

You can download our referral form and take it to your dentist to request referral. If you have no dentist, we are able to arrange an examination for you by a dentist at each of our sites. Fees vary depending on the site - please contact us for details.



Prescribed by Your Dentist

Therapy prescribed by your dentist may involve:


New Patient Consultation Level 1 (£48.00)


  • A discussion with you about any symptoms and causes for concern
  • A review of your medical history
  • A soft tissue check
  • Basic hygiene therapy
  • Oral health guidance
  • Includes a scale and a polish if appropriate




New Patient Consultation Level 2 (£98.00)

Longer consultation, between 45 and 60 minutes


This will usually include:


  • A discussion with you about any symptoms and causes for concern
  • A review of your medical history
  • A soft tissue check
  • A charting of gum pockets
  • Oral health guidance and oral hygiene items explained
  • Initial non-surgical therapy

X-Rays will be required according to your dentist’s wishes. These can be arranged by us or provided by your dentist.


When we produce a pocket charting of your problem areas, we give you a copy. After treatment we will also give you a copy of the new chart so you can see any areas where there is still any problem. This is an example of a real patient's chart. Some months after treatment there are no pockets (in blue) and there is no bleeding (red).



X-Rays help as they show us the areas of bone loss.




Your Input

Please bring all implements you use to cleanse your mouth. DO NOT BUY NEW.


After your initial consultation, you may be asked to attend further appointments at MIDHS.


At the end of therapy we will send copies of your records relating to your therapy to your dentist, who will assess the results and recommend any further treatment.





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