Almost all Hygienist dental treatment even in NHS practices is now charged privately as the NHS does not fund the extra attention, skill and care of this most important member of the preventative team.


At MIDHS you will be seen by the most qualified and experience dental Hygienists in the UK, and pay no more than at a regular dentist.




Private Hygiene Treatment

We are independent of the NHS but keep our fees low and affordable. MIDHS stands for Maggie Jackson Independent Dental and Hygiene Services.


But who is Maggie Jackson?


A Dental Hygienist well known in hygienist and dentistry circles who teaches and holds additional post graduate degrees: winner of a number of dental awards and practice principal at MIDHS. Dentists are invited to work at the practice to carry out essential restorative dentistry or dentists may refer their patients to her for her exceptional experience in preventing and treating gum diseases.


Ask your dentist to refer you for a hygiene visit at any MIDHS site. We will keep your dentist informed if they prescribe treatment for you. Alternatively have a £15.00 examination at Mossley* and a £20.00 first hygiene assessment if you don’t want to trouble your dentist. You are still able to keep seeing your regular dentist for other treatment.



Did you Know?


  • That if you are distressed or unaware of bad breath it is often caused by tooth decay or gum bacteria that give off bad gasses?
  • That blood from your gums is a symptom of Gum (periodontal) disease?
  • Gum disease is linked to heart disease and so to heart attacks?
  • Gum disease is linked to low birth weight babies?
  • No mouthwash can eliminate these symptoms and early signs of gum disease?