Dear Maggie,

I am writing to thank you following the course of treatment you have recently
arranged and carried out for my wife Kim.


Kim can be a nervous patient at the dentist at the best of times and on all the occasions you and your dentist have seen her you have put her completely at ease.


The service you provide is both professional and caring and very reasonably priced. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of my friends, family or colleagues in the future.


Again many thanks and long may you provide the MIDHS touch.


Yours Sincerely



Recommendation of Your Work

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend your excellent work in a slightly different way.
Please feel free to use this letter in your waiting room should you wish.
It’s been 12 years since I showed them to a hygienist, But after first meeting you, I booked in earnest,
You saw me on a Saturday, when most dentists are all away, Your team are nice and lovely, your dentist was caring and patient.


So to My Teeth;

You showed me how to brush them right, It was a shock I had been doing this every day and night, Interdental’s are now the way to go, I have even managed to stop the blood flow, Let’s hope the new electric toothbrush does its job, But hey if not, and my teeth take a dive, I now know who to call, Maggie from MIDHS on 01457 838 995


Yours Sincerely



Dear Maggie,

I can only say the difference in service and results between you and my old dentist is leaps and bounds.

Your practice is clean, friendly and very welcoming. I have never felt anxious whilst waiting to see you.

You seem to never run out of advice.


The issues that I have had are very much better now thanks to your hygienic specialty. My new toothbrush is also fantastic – however since it counts two minutes for me it isn’t as easy for me to cheat it!


Thank you again and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any family, friends or colleagues.


Yours sincerely



Thanks to Maggie who immediately made me feel at ease when I arrived

at the surgery.

All of the staff at MIDHS are very professional and friendly.


The dentist is the last place anyone wants to visit but everyone made my experience certainly pleasant

and informative.


I now feel better able to look after my oral hygiene after Maggie’s detailed and thorough evaluation and explanation of where I need to focus and what I need to do to improve and maintain healthy gums and teeth.


Many thanks to Maggie and her team,



Testimonial for Maggie Jackson

Before finding hygienist Maggie Jackson my gums were bleeding almost all the time, although seeing the dentist and previous hygienist regularly. Since being under the care of Maggie Jackson I now find that the bleeding has
stopped completely.
Ms E. Parker



Dear Maggie,

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the fabulous dental hygiene service you provided. My teeth and gums have never felt better and I really didn’t know there were other ways to floss!!


Dentists have never been my favourite place in the world and the hygienist used to run a close second, but after my visit to your dentist and yourself, I felt my teeth were in safe hands. I’m doing my homework and using those little pokey things you gave me everyday and I’ve also changed the way I clean my teeth as per your instructions
and I’m happy to recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.


Kind Regards



Dear Maggie,

Please accept my apologies for not contacting you sooner; it was so kind of you to send me the brushes. I went away soon after receiving them and (very senior moment) forgot to write to you and thank you. I now have your number and where to order more! I hope you are well, I always ask after you when I see Diane, I have
been very lucky to have two lovely hygienists!!


Best wishes and love



Dear Maggie,

It’s a fact – I have more iron in my mouth than the fourth bridge so it’s safe to say iv had some interesting experiences in the dentist chair over the last 40+ years! However, I now have a new one – at the hands of bob, your master dental craftsman.


Yes, for 2 hours I lay at bobs mercy but that time passed without trauma, remarkably quickly and I felt so relaxed I actually fell asleep – how embarrassing!


Bob is a consummate professional and I am thrilled by the results of his treatment. I will be returning in the near future to have the last of my black fillings replaced and then it’ll be over to you as my hygienist to finish the job of achieving a glistening, amalgam free smile – I can’t wait!


Your reception staff are pleasant and accommodating and I cannot recommend MIDHS highly enough. I’m delighted to be one of just a few people who can comfortably declare – I love my dentist!!!


Thank you



Dear Bob,

Just wanted to say sincere thanks for a job well done! I’m delighted with my new white fillings and will be back for of amalgams to be replaced as well as catch up on some more sleep!!





Testimonial for MIDHS


There are very few people id invite into my mouth but Maggie is certainly one of them.


Her years of experience showed as she picked up on things that none of my previous
hygienists have. She took time to talk me through the best way to keep my teeth and
gums in tip top condition.


2 weeks after my visit to MIDHS, my teeth are feeling much cleaner and my gums healthier.
I’d like to congratulate Maggie and all the team at MIDHS for the excellent service I received.

I won’t be hesitating in recommending MIDHS to family, friends and colleagues.


Yours sincerely