After many years working in a specialist referral practice it was a natural progression, when legislation allowed, for Maggie Jackson to open a hygienist service in her own practice to accept direct referrals from dentists. The intention is to be a kind of ‘SWAT’ team to offer periodontal treatment to the patient under the referring dentist’s control and prescription.


Maggie and the other like-minded hygienists who make up MIDHS have the confidence and a rather ‘golden touch’ born from experience to treat many patients who are prone to suffer permanent damage to the supporting gum and bone tissues around their teeth identified as destructive periodontal disease. MIDHS is developing a number of sites, initially in the North West, as referral treatment centres for patients with overt gum disease, complaints or symptoms of gum recession, plaque, calculus deposits or bleeding from the gums.


We are, we believe, the first unique hygienist referral practice in the UK for dentists, hygienists and their patients with gum problems and where dentists can refer and prescribe the treatment of patients with persistent periodontal symptoms. In addition to working in a more usual role focusing on preventative care or cosmetic scaling and polishing of teeth, the team undertake a more therapeutic function, giving patients and dentists a choice of local treatment centres that will concentrate on treatment of periodontal problems and the maintenance of disease-prone patients.


What MIDHS Can Do for You

To see some examples of our work, have a look at these pictures of patients' teeth before and after treatment.